amy headshot smI grew up in Philadelphia and studied art at Fleischer College of Art and Moore College of Art.

Spending a year in Israel I was greatly influenced by sculptors and ceramicists there. The different landscapes of Israel, the ancient history, the ongoing archeological finds, and the stark environment of the desert have had a profound affect on my work.

At the Rhode Island School of Design, I studied sculpture and mixed media

I studied foundry work at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston and participated in various group and individual shows in Boston.

When I moved to Atlanta I was a sculptor apprentice for 5 years. During this time I learned about many different media, mold making and more classical commercial work. I began working on my own, creating sculptures for individual and commercial clients.

Recently I have become very interested in clay handbuilding. I enjoy the plasticity of clay, the immediacy of the material. I like to imbed textures and patterns into the clay, rub and layer glazes on the clay surface.